from the neighborhood: anna & hanna go shopping at ikea...

... and accidentally come home with a GIANT BED.

Also a stuffed fox.

We ... didn't mean to purchase a bed that was going to need library stools to ascend into at bedtime. But upon assembling the pieces, we discovered that's what we'd done!

We started out this morning by picking up a Zip truck and dropping our old full/double bed frame (also from IKEA)  and second-hand foam mattress at Goodwill. Then we drove south of Boston to the local IKEA store. Which, we can report, is always an experience and a half. The relationship drama being played out between parents and children, husbands and wives, wives and wives, husbands and husbands, roommates, etc., is just something else. But! They did have our beloved bed frame in the next size up as well as a variety of mattresses to choose from.

We just somehow failed to realize that between box spring and mattress we were purchasing Mount Moriah.

The cats are slightly confused.

But we have a new bed. That will hopefully help us sleep a bit better and serve us for years to come. By some miracle of physics, Hanna figured out how to get the damn thing -- box and mattress -- up the narrow stairs to our second floor apartment. It was touch-and-go there for a few minutes at the u-turn of our landing. After we got it up, we agreed fully that next year when we move such heavy lifting will be left to the brawny lads and lasses of the moving company while we sit back and drink tea. If they have difficulty we'll point out that we did it once, so we know it's possible to do again!

To celebrate I went down to our neighborhood liquor store and purchased a lovely bottle of ten-year Glengoyne whiskey:

I picked Glengoyne because my father and I have actually been to the distillary, on our walking tour of Scotland in May 2004. Here's my Dad standing out in front of the main building in his hiking gear:

Anyway ... I'm signing off to knock back a glass and watch some Eddie Izzard while we wait for our Indian food to be delivered. Wish us luck as we climb to lofty heights for forty winks tonight!


  1. I'm coveting your quilt/duvet cover. May I ask where you got it? (Also, congrats on surviving IKEA!)

    1. Oh, gosh, um ... I'm pretty sure that one came from the little Indian boutique in Coolidge Corner (Brookline, Mass.). Although we've also picked up several from Mexicali Blues in Freeport, Maine: http://www.mexicaliblues.com/Textiles-and-Tapestries/3047/52-3046-3047/dept

    2. Oooh, those Mexicali Blues textiles are great.

  2. I was at IKEA yesterday, and noticed the same thing, with a lot of couples arguing and moms telling the kids to stop moving around. It was a good moment of me thinking, yeah I'm doing this by myself, less drama.

    My IKEA bed frame (Malm) has three settings for the height. I don't know if yours has something similar and maybe you could move it down? Or just enjoy having a high bed. And you should totally hire movers when you have the opportunity. One piece of furniture is bad enough, but a day of moving furniture around is too much!