friday fun: the women of who

I promised you cat pictures this week and failed to deliver ... but I have a half hour left here at the front desk of the MHS this rainy, windy, dreary Thursday afternoon and I decided to prepare some beautiful pictures courtesy of the whospam tumblr blog and whoniverse tumblr blog for your Friday edification and pleasure.

Mercy Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan) in The Next Doctor
the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and his real-life daughter Georgia Moffett
who plays the titular character, Jenny, in The Doctor's Daughter.
Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) in Blink
Nancy (Florence Hoath) from The Doctor Dances
Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Sarah Jane Adventures

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)
Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), Torchwood
Obviously incomplete. Have any favorite gals I missed? Leave suggestions for next Friday in comments (and picture links if you have any particular images in mind!).

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone ... enjoy your weekend!


  1. Um...maybe Martha? The not-white one? Also River Song, obviously, who is white but not in her early 20s. And Tosh, if we're including Torchwood. Reinette, too.

  2. @anna

    Hey anna, thanks for stopping by! I feel like your comment is a little combative and I'm not sure why. I more or less picked images from the two tumblr blogs in the order they appeared going back through the archives until I ran out of time :). This selection was in no way meant to be a "best of" -- much more a "what came across the desk."

    I enjoy Martha's presence in DW (and perhaps even more TW); I'll see what I can find by way of good pictures this coming week. I purposefully left out River Song since she appears to play a much bigger part in (new) Season Five and I haven't seen that yet (doesn't release in the US until next Tuesday!). Love the actress, but don't know the character all that well yet.

    Tosh and Reinette are definitely on the list for next week ;).