Leaving PDX, headed home

Color photo of Renee, Brian and Anna on the window ledge of a bay window at Pittock Mansion museum, Portland, Oregon. Automatic timer photograph by Renee Hartig.
I'm headed out late tonight (my flight is scheduled to depart PDX at 11:59pm) on my return flight to Boston. Looking forward to seeing Hanna more than I can say! Being gone for two weeks was two weeks too many, despite the fact that I got TONS of thesis work done, loved re-connecting with folks in Lincoln, and seeing sibs (brother Brian and his girlfriend Renee pictured above with yours truly) and well as my grandparents who retired to Bend (in Central Oregon) during the 1980s. It's thanks to them that I have pavlovian response to the smell of juniper and lava rock dust baked in the Oregon sun: vacation!

More to come in the next couple of weeks. Last night we saw Alice in Wonderland at the Living Room Theater here in Portland, about which I have a few thoughts (and suspicions it might be a pitch-perfect growing up tale -- for girls and non-conforming teens of all stripes particularly); more after I see it a second time with Hanna next weekend. I've gotten some reading done, and hope to put together some booknotes posts on D'Arcy Fallon's So Late, So Soon and Susan J. Douglas' Enlightened Sexism. And I'm already pulling together links for next Sunday's links list.

In the meantime, here's a picture from sunny Portland. Sorry to say goodbye, but oh so glad to be headed back to the place I now call home. Been away too long.

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