Poll: How dorky?

Hanna maintains these are the dorkiest pajama shorts in existence; I maintain they are comfy. Realize this is not a refutation of her basic point. Thoughts?

As a bonus (since Cynthia 'specially requested ever so sweetly) you get to check out the new 'do: got it cut in my (likely) fruitless quest to look like a certain psychic tarot card reader.


  1. Cute! Very Clea, but blonder and without the underbite. And if you're going for Carnivale Clea, wearing something bizarre on your legs is necessary. (You need puffy sleeves and/or an ill-fitting smock to complete the look.) See my twitpics for my own dorky pajama confession.

  2. I'm going to say No to the 'dorkiest in existence' question.

    I maintain that weird colors or graphics could potentially make a pair of pajama shorts dorkier.