Quote of the Week(end): "Zombie Feminists"

From Rebecca Traister over at Salon.com:
The pro-woman rhetoric surrounding Sarah Palin's nomination is a grotesque bastardization of everything feminism has stood for, and in my mind, more than any of the intergenerational pro- or anti-Hillary crap that people wrung their hands over during the primaries, Palin's candidacy and the faux-feminism in which it has been wrapped are the first development that I fear will actually imperil feminism. Because if adopted as a narrative by this nation and its women, it could not only subvert but erase the meaning of what real progress for women means, what real gender bias consists of, what real discrimination looks like.
I'm torn between terror that she's got it right and thankfulness that so many feminist writers and activists are speaking out on behalf of a feminist ethic that encompasses all women's human rights. Go read the whole thing.

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