Because it's all I can muster . . .

As the semester winds down toward May 7th (the date my last assignment is due), I'm fairly sure that the blog entries will slow to a trickle. I had two migraine headaches this week, which was no fun. I also had my first oral history interview with a doula from here in the Boston area who's been practicing since 1969 as a birth educator and support person for women in labor long before the modern meaning of "doula" was articulated in the 1990s. We talked for over an hour and a half and there was so much more I would have loved to talk with her about. Happily, I'll be taking her doula training workshop this summer, so will have an opportunity to learn a lot more about the work she and others are doing in the area.

After the interview I was ready to crash, so Hanna and I got together, ate chips, dip, and pocky, and watched Mystery Science Theater 3000, an episode that lampooned this "horror" film with agonizingly slow pacing, nonexistent plot, lots of sunshine, and lines like "this is where the fish live." We followed it up with Stranger Than Fiction (which was just as good the second time as the first).

I hear that Spring is finally arriving in Michigan, so I hope all you Third Coasters are enjoying the end of a grueling winter.

More news as soon as the term ends and I settle in to my new apartment in the middle of May (I promise pictures eventually!)

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