Three weeks from today . . .

. . . I'll be moving into my dorm in Boston and trying to orient myself to the new normal of life as a grad student. Orientation (which seems to consist mainly of alcohol and socializing) is on September 4th, and classes start September 5th. I'm having minor freak-outs, but they seem mostly to be due to the fact that my body hasn't caught of with the fact that I've planned and prepared for the transition.

Last week, with the help of Maggie I dyed my hair auburn in honor of Ginny Weasely, who deserved way more presence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows than she got, and also because messing with my hair is less drastic than getting a tattoo. It was either that or cut it short and dye it purple, which I am tempted to do, but thought perhaps wasn't the best idea before starting a new job and life as a graduate student!

I'm spending the last few weeks, aside from working up until the 25th, cramming in as much fiction reading and friend-farewelling as I can. My friend Cara is throwing me a big going-away party for everyone at Barnes & Noble, which was sooooo sweet of her, and entirely unexpected. I don't think I've had anyone throw me a party before, aside from my family (who count, but in a different way). When I'm not working, I have a heady schedule of luncheons and coffees and teas and dinners and movie dates to attend to. And packing will happen somewhere in there . . .

I'm equal parts thrilled and terrified . . . wish me luck!

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