Cleaning House

As the end of May approaches, I'm cleaning out the bedroom in my parents' house so that my brother--who begins student teaching high school art in the fall--can move in at the end of June. This is just the latest iteration of musical bedrooms that has taken place in our house over the last several years.

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking around at my bedroom walls and wondering what (if any?) artwork I ought to take with me. There's the ornately framed Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments; vintage postcards from Aberdeen; family photographs; and the beautiful female nude, pictured here, by Henri Matisse that Mom gave me for my 25th birthday (thanks Mom!) whom I have become inordinately fond of in the past year. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine how these (and others) will find space on a dorm room wall--let alone how I will hang them. So they may have to go into deep storage for a year or two . . . sigh.

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