ficnotes index (and links)

strunk and white by xkcd
So I've written enough of these now that I figured an index page might be worthwhile -- if for no other reason than that it will make sure I don't replicate my faves! The links here take you back to my ficnote, not out to the actual fic. Click through for the fic links.

If you've come this far, I'm gonna guess you're cool with fanfic and let y'all know that I can be found over at Archive of Our Own under the pseudonym elizajane.

I write femslash that I've been told by friends is worth reading and occasionally re-reading. So if that's your thing, have fun (I know I did writing it!).

Hanna can be found at AO3 as Crowgirl. She's currently working on a series of Supernatural (Dean/Castiel) pieces. I'm thoroughly enjoying the privilege of being the first person to read each new installment.

Hanna and I also keep a (rather messy) collaborative Google Bookmarks "Slash" list with a few friends, wherein we link to slashy goodness wherever we find it.

We pull from this list when we're posting to our fic rec Tumblr everything is gay and nothing hurts, which offers new recommendations three times a week. Wander on over if you have a craving and there will likely be something that suits.

The below is organized by fandom, then by title. A-Zed. You know the drill.

Harry Potter

Imperfection by FayJay [Hermione/Ginny]

Tissue of Silver by Fearless Diva [Draco/Harry]

Inspector Lewis

Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way by Sarren [Lewis/Hathaway]

His Awkward Sod by Sarren [Lewis/Hathaway]

Punctuation Series by dogpoet [Lewis/Hathaway]

Merlin (BBC)

The Student Prince by FayJay [Arthur/Merlin]

Sherlock (2010)

and stand there at the edge of my affection by coloredink [Sherlock/John]

Congress by Elfbert [Lestrade/John]

Heart in the Whole by Verityburns [Sherlock/John]

Impact by Elfbert [Mycroft/Lestrade]

In which Anthea is helpful and Sherlock discovers the truth by blooms84 [Mycroft/Lestrade]

Kissing John Watson by Miss Lucy Jane [Sherlock/John]

My Phone's on Vibrate for You by Miss Lucy Jane [Sherlock/John]

The Paradox Series by Wordstrings [Sherlock/John]

Pieces of Eight by sheffiesharpe [Sherlock/John]

Please Confirm You Are a Human Below by mesmiranda [Mycroft/Lestrade]

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom [Sherlock/John]

Sensual Ace by cagedwriter61 [Sherlock/John]

Shock and Awe by random_nexus [Mycroft/Lestrade]

TBA by blooms84 [Mycroft/Lestrade]

Those Boys with the Earthly Eyes by Miss Lucy Jane [Lestrade/John]

Told in Texts by et_cetera55 [Mycroft/Lestrade]

Transport by ThisPrettyWren [Sherlock/John]


Bible Study by Misachan [Dean/Castiel]

Comment Fics: "Untitled Dean/Cas" and "Wrong Number" by twfftw [Dean/Castiel]

The Consequences of Falling by FayJay [Dean/Castiel]

Four Things Not to Do With a Cellphone by the_trepverter [Dean/Castiel]

The (Mostly) Accidental Courtship of Dean Winchester by everysecondtuesday [Dean/Castiel]

Texts From Last Night: A Ridiculous SPN Text Comedy by Xela [Dean/Castiel]

Things Dean Winchester Loves by everysecondtuesday [Dean/Castiel]

X-Men: First Class

Paper Monsters by Clocks [Charles/Erik]

Perfection by orange_crushed [Charles/Erik]


Friday Fun Thread: The Joys of Fan Fiction @ The Pursuit of Harpyness [an intro to fanfic with a long list of recs at the end]